Be Thankful

This is a short post about being thankful.

We all experience feelings of frustration and inferiority. I hear people say “I am not in shape enough to backpack” all the time. I also hear my fellow musicians asking “Am I good enough?”

I say these things and have this kind of anxiety on a regular basis. I can always turn it into motivation by being thankful for things I have in my life and the things I have accomplished.

So I always recommend writing down a list of things you are proud of (even the simplest things) to get yourself out of the rut. If you’re like me, you will find that you get better at it over time. The only rule is that you have to keep writing until you can’t think of anything else; it doesn’t matter how much paper you use.

Here are some questions to get started being thankful:

  • What accomplishments have you made since high school? (Applying to college, getting a scholarship, not calling home every day, joining a club, getting a job, etc.)
  • What else are you proud of that you have done recently? (Started or stopped working out, got good grades, talked to that person you like, scaled back social media, went on a diet, watched a rom-com and didn’t cry, etc.)
  • What have you done in the past year that you’re proud of?
  • What about the last month?
  • What about today?
  • What is the most seemingly-insignificant thing you did today that you are proud of?

(Featured image: cheesy motivational poster)


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