Everyone is Creative

I would be interested to know how many people consider themselves to be creative. My guess is that most people would not. Or, at the very least, they would be hesitant to categorize themselves that way.

But we don’t have to be composers or fiction writers to be creative. I think we as humans are inherently creative.

Backpacking, for example, is a very creative activity. Choosing my steps while picking my way across boulder fields, finding a place to pitch my tent, packing my bag, and even deciding which side of the trail to walk on all require creativity.

I bet an average person does things like this all day. Maybe there’s a person walking toward you in a hallway and you have to improvise a path around them. Suppose they have the same thought and you both move the same direction thus initiating that awkward dance back and forth.

If there is traffic on the way to work, you have to make up an alternate route. When you’re late because of the traffic, you have to make up an excuse. If it’s raining, you might have to come up with a creative way to stay dry.

Every time we speak, we are participating in a creative act because we have to make up what we are going to say.

Creativity is not just for artists and musicians; we just take part in a concentrated version of it. Creativity is a characteristic of the world.

I used to say, when I worked in event planning, that I wasn’t very creative but I was good at implementing other people’s ideas. But the logistical work I was doing at that time was actually some of the most creative work I have ever done. Problems were being thrown at me and I had to find solutions to them. Any composer or artist will tell you that this act or problem solving is the basis for their creative process.

But even the most basic, mundane tasks require us to be creative. And creative acts are hard! It is a process of dreaming up an idea and then summoning the confidence to put the idea into action. This no small feat for most people.

Everyone is creative. And creativity requires a lot of skill and self confidence. Therefore, everyone has skill and confidence at least in certain areas. The key is just finding it and learning how to use it.

(Image retrieved from chicagocreativespace.com)


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