The Importance of Doing Things

I find myself sometimes wanting to do some activity or another but paralyzed by the fear that I won’t be able to.  Specifically I feel the need to undergo some kind of intensive training and research regimen before I should start doing anything.  I feel especially strongly about this as it relates to graphic design and writing.

It comes from the fact that more than 90% of my life is involved in musical activities for which, by any objective scale, I am extensively trained.  I dabble in photoshop and video editing when my projects require it but I am frequently nervous about publishing this work.  Do I need two degrees in Adobe Suite before I feel justified in making these things available to the public?  Whenever I go to the gym to swim I feel as thought I don’t belong there because I was never a part of a rigorous, coached team and therefore know little about the technique of swimming.  Will I have to work with a trainer and take swimming classes for 6 years before I am confident jumping in the pool?

To deal with this feeling, I keep asking myself how much I actually know about anything.  How much do any of us know about anything?  I still learn things every day about music so how can I distinguish that level of knowledge from anything else?  In the grand scheme, I might know almost as much about music as I do about neuroscience (very little).

What I know is that, regardless of how much experience I have, I do music every day.  Clearly something has given me confidence over the years to do music but I have a suspicion that it wasn’t all of the books that I have read about it.  I grow less nervous about doing musical things because I have done them so much.

Certainly I am not arguing against my education; I am capable of discussing many things with at least the appearance of intelligence because of it.  Studies, articles, books, etc. can be a great tool but they can only scratch the surface.

When I grow nervous about running, swimming, graphic designing, or anything else, I just remind myself that I would never have become a musician worth anything if I had never gotten out into the world and done it.

I have to remind myself to just do things.



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