May the Zen be With You

This is definitely going to be my nerdiest post to date but I can’t help but write it.

I recently saw the new Star Wars movie (spoiler warning)

and I noticed something about Rey’s moments of using the force.  Each time, her power peaked when her face changed from being panicked to being calm.

I think this mirrors a phenomenon which happens in the real world.  We are able to be the most efficient when using our abilities from a calm, zen place.  Without adrenaline clouding our judgement, we can channel energy in highly effective ways.  From a mindset of calm and confidence, Rey was able to overpower Kylo’s rage even though he was the more experienced of the two.

When practicing flute, forcing my fingers to move can cause them to lock up.  When hiking or running, I get tired too quickly when I try to force my legs to move.  But if I calmly channel my energy in the right ways, I have found I can achieve more than I thought I could.  My fingers can move faster and I can run farther when I find my zen place.

Stressing out about performing and practicing is only counter-productive to success.  This way is the path to the dark side (I couldn’t resist!)

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