The More Important Issue is Balance

There is a theory among backpackers that no matter how large a pack is, a hiker will fill it up.  I can confirm that; even though I have had many packs in my life of different sizes, they always seem to be bursting at the seams.  Despite the fact that I have acquired higher-tech, lighter-weight, smaller gear, there doesn’t seem to be any more space.

Is this because the tendency is to fill the thing up with extra junk if there is spare room?  Or is it because when there is less room, I just smash in the extra equipment?

The problem is the same with my commitments in my musical life.  Everything seems to always be bursting at the seams.  Is this because I tend to fill up free time with commitments or because I just smash extra commitments in when there are too many of them?

Perhaps the more important question has to do with balance.  I can smash stuff into my pack all I want as long as it fits. But if it is weighted poorly, the result could be pain in previously undiscovered places.  If it is poorly organized, finding things will be frustrating and (in the case things like first aid supplies) life-threatening.

When things fit into my schedule, I rejoice!  I shove them in to see if they will fit, then I start to organize them.  Because the consequences of having things unbalanced and unorganized in my schedule are similar to having things in such a state in my pack: pain in previously undiscovered places, frustration, and threats to my well-being.

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