All Kinds of Trails

Trails can come in many shapes and sizes, each one testing the hiker in different ways.  My backpacking partner and I have come up with some terminology to describe the trails on which we hike:

Jaggedy trails: refers to the topography line of Awol’s Appalachian Trail guide and indicates a high frequency of ascending and descending
Pointy trails: refers again to the topography line and indicates a particularly steep mountain
Gorilla trails: trails littered with so much debris, it looks like a large gorilla recently walked through
Scree trails: trails that are mostly rock debris and usually require posts or flags to mark the path
“Just a little bump”: a small, gradual incline which usually turns out to be much steeper and higher than anticipated, most often occurring at the end of a long day

Regardless of the kind of trail faced, there are usually no options but to keep moving forward.  Even when faced with a seemingly impossible trail, a hiker must overcome it or they may never make it home.

When faced with the jaggedy, pointy, litter-strewn, and unexpected parts of life, the only option is to keep moving onward and upward.


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