A Summer of Doing Something

I hate doing nothing.

That is to say I hate doing nothing for multiple days in a row.  I am guilty, of course, of the occasional Netflix binge.  In fact, I often schedule my Netflix binges.  I write them down in my calendar so that they coincide with the end of the semester or the conclusion of a big project.  And I take these planned days of sloth very seriously.  I even refuse to cook or leave the house to obtain food during my lazy spells and instead order all of my meals.  I am very Type-A about being laid-back.

And when my do-nothing day is over, I am back to work.  I prefer it that way.

But during the summer, when I have no school, no projects, and no responsibilities, the one day of sloth turns into a whole week.  And when that week is over, I feel terrible having realized that an entire week went by of not doing anything.  I think doing nothing for long periods of time must be one of the circles of hell for Type-A people.

So this summer, to preclude inconstancy, I took on two internships that will essentially occupy my entire summer.  One at Spoleto Festival USA and one at the Sewanee Summer Music Festival.

As festivals go, I expect to be overworked, underpaid, and love every minute of it.  I always love being a part of something and doing the behind-the-scenes work that creates a memorable experience for everyone else.  The added bonus (other than the experience, networking, and resume building) is that I will have very little down time for almost two and a half months.

So here’s to a summer of doing something.  Perhaps it will be a summer of doing too much of something but it will nonetheless be an eventful summer and I could not be more excited!


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