Food and Music: Balancing creativity and hard work

It is important for artists of any kind to find inspiration outside their craft.  I write about nature on this blog a lot but for a while now I have been inspired by chefs and food.

Cooking is my dad’s hobby and growing up I always knew how much he loved to cook for us.  That is probably how it started.  As I got older, I started exploring different culinary experiences and now one of my favorite ways to treat myself is by going out to dinner.  Whether I find a hole-in-the-wall barbecue joint or a fine dining establishment, I love experiencing food.

But I don’t just go for the run-of-the-mill places.  I look for things that are bold and innovative.  When I am eating, I am always looking to experience something different.

This all gained clarity for me recently after I watched the new Netflix documentary series, Chef’s Table.  And by watch, I mean I devoured it (pun intended).  The show spotlights interesting and innovative chefs from all over the world and I saw in those chefs the kind of person I want to be.

One reason the culinary arts are so applicable to music for me is the time commitments.  Chefs typically have classical training for years and then work 15+ hours per day to hone their craft.  But the best ones also somehow find ways to be creative.

To be able to balance the commitment to the perfection of the craft and the creative spark needed to innovate is a very difficult thing.  And the individuals on Chef’s Table have found ways to do that.

I think I will spend the rest of my career chasing the kind of lifestyle the chef’s on that show have.  They can put in 15 hours on the line and still make time to create something magnificent and new every day that makes people happy.  Furthermore, they are constantly creating things which blow the minds of their customers who have spent their whole lives eating.

How can I find a way to keep becoming a better musician by practicing but also remain committed to being creative and forward-thinking?


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