Work Hard at Work Worth Doing

I have been an avid follower of the TV show Parks and Rec for several years and have always identified with Leslie Knope’s character.  Although she is a caricature, her dedication and work ethic, in addition to being hilariously comical, can be inspiring.

On the series finale, Leslie gives a speech in which she talks about “working hard at work worth doing”.  This, I think, is how someone can work so seemingly tirelessly at something.

You have probably known these types of people.  They are always in the practice rooms, you receive emails from them at 3:00 in the morning, and they always seem to be walking very quickly as thought they have somewhere important to be.

Their drive comes from the fact that their work is worth doing.  In music it can be easy to get involved in work worth doing.  You may be changing students’ lives, bringing joy to audiences, or just creating a piece of art to influence the world culture.  As musicians, we often care deeply for the things we put our energy behind.

If it it work worth doing, you will naturally want to work hard at it.  So work hard at work worth doing!


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