Top of the Mountain

There is a story of a Native American tribe that resided at the foot of a tall mountain.  As a rite of passage, young boys had to journey up the mountain each year.  They were instructed to bring back a branch from a tree close to where they turned around.  The chief would inspect their branches and would judge if they had become men.  If a boy ever came back empty-handed, it was declared that he had reached the top of the mountain, above the tree-line and would begin his duties in the tribe as an adult.

There was one young man who came back having surpassed the tree line and told the chief that although he had climbed to the top of the mountain, he saw many more similar peaks in the distance.  The chief replied saying, “The journey of a boy becoming a man is a difficult one.  But it is only one of life’s challenges.  There will be many mountains to climb in your future but I am confident you have the ability to do so.”

I feel as though I have climbed a pretty tall mountain by being accepted into a Doctoral Music program.  But I can see many more still looming over me and I have never been more excited to tackle them!!


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  1. Sketchpacker says:

    What a wise tale. Often when I hit one mountain I feel as though I cannot possibly face another, but the truth is the more we prove we are able the more able we become 🙂 good luck in your studies


    1. phlutist says:

      Yes, paradoxically, the things which require all of our energy can also empower us to keep going. And thank you!

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