A fork in the road…

I was standing at a fork in the road trying to figure out which way to go.  When I looked down each path, I could see quite far and imagined I would like traveling down either one.  But still I could not decide which one to follow.

These are actually the best kinds of decisions.  Either option would be enjoyable.  At the same time, they are the hardest to make.  When I was applying to schools for my DMA, there was only one possible outcome that would leave me with a tough decision and that is the situation that arose.

So I did what I usually do when making important decisions.  I went into nature.  Rather, I went into the closest thing I could find in Columbia, SC by going for a run by the river.  As I was running, I came upon a secluded bench looking out over the water and sat and weighed my situation.

I looked down each path.  I cleared away any external motivations that might exist like money, “fame”, and friends.  I considered what I wanted to do in my career.  I considered where I could be the most useful.  I considered where I could be the most effective.

And as I sat there, a sudden and cataclysmic sense of clarity rushed over me as I realized that I was being called to remain in Columbia to complete my Doctoral degree.  Sparing the details, I realized that there was no better place for me to move my career forward.  Furthermore, I realized that there was more work to be done here with the various programs I have started over the last 2 years.

And when I looked at that fork in the road, it no longer appeared as a fork.  One path dissolved and I could see even further down the remaining one.  It does not look like an easy road by any stretch of the imagination.  But, as with any difficult path, I am eager to set out upon it!


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