Done with DMA auditions!! And now I wait…

I just got back from my last DMA audition!!  I think it went well despite some upper-respiratory congestion I developed right before I left.  It wasn’t as good as my audition in Oregon but it was definitely better than the one at Southern California.

I had never met the flute teacher there but she seemed really cool!  When I mentioned my interest in world flute music, she opened a cabinet and began showing me a portion of her extensive collection of different flutes from around the globe.  She was also the flute teacher at my current University before going to Washington so we had a lot to talk about.

The UW campus looks like someone took an Ivy League campus and plopped it down in the Pacific Northwest.  It reminded me of Duke University but with giant, moss-covered trees everywhere.  It was beautiful despite the rain… or perhaps because of the rain.

Because it is in Seattle, there was no shortage of coffee.  There were multiple small coffee shops on every block and everyone had a different opinion of which one was the best.  The one that most music majors suggested was one called “Café Allegro” but they don’t just value it for its name, the coffee was also fantastic.

After my audition and meeting with some of the faculty, I had about four hours before I needed to check in for my red-eye home.  So I grabbed dinner, checked out the waterfront area, and then hoofed it to the Space Needle.  It was lightly raining the whole time but the downtown was still very pretty.  I hope I get to come back some day and check out more of the city.

But I’m done!!  And now I wait…


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