DMA Auditions!

Hello Everyone!  Sorry for not posting for a while, I got extremely busy with my recital (look out for a post about that!) and my DMA Flute Performance applications.  Starting now, I’ll be chronicling my application process.  Maybe my journey will be informative to my fellow applicants or future applicants in the music world.  Maybe you won’t ever want to apply to music school after reading this!  Maybe you will be inspired to.

Here is my list of schools!


Manhattan School of Music

University of Oregon

University of Washington

University of Southern California

So, as of today, all of my paper applications are in.  Luckily my GRE scores are still valid from when I applied to my Masters so I didn’t have to go through THAT again!  All I had to do was resend the scores which was not cheap.  I have also sent transcripts from both my previous Universities, résumés, personal statements, online applications, and pre-screening recordings.

As many musicians know, this is the easy part!  The next step is that I have to wait to see if I get any call-backs for live auditions.

Wish me luck!


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